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Artwork for Digital Transfers

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CadPrintz Digital Transfers are created using a digital process.We can accept vector or bitmap files. For best results, please read the following specifications.
CAD-PRINTZ Custom Transfer created from full color artwork.
CAD-PRINTZ Custom Transfer created from full color artwork.

Raster Artwork Guidelines

  1. Images should be created and saved at a resolution of at least 150 dpi at actual size.
  2. Internet images are not recommended, they are usually 72 dpi which will result in poor print quality.
  3. Any color changes or modifications to a bitmap require to be vectorized which will include an art setup fee.

Vector Artwork Guidelines

  1. Vector artwork is encouraged because it allows for easier modifications and color changes.
  2. We recommend selecting colors from the Stahls' CAD-PRINTZ color pallet. Specifying Pantone color is also accepted, however not every Pantone can be simulated.

Color Guidelines

  1. Our digital designs are printed using a four color process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to simulate color. Due to the limitations of this process, color matching is difficult and oftentimes not possible, however, Stahls' color management system allows us to target and print colors with increased accuracy.
  2. True metallics and neons cannot be printed with our digital process.