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CorelDraw® Help

What if I don't own CorelDraw®?
We can accept art from vector programs. Another common vector program is Adobe Illustrator®.
What version of CorelDraw® should I use?
We can use files from versions 5-13.
Can I use patterns from CorelDraw® in my art work?
No. Most of the patterns that come with CorelDraw® do not work with our screen printing process. Patterns are ok for Digital Transfers.
Can I use a clip art from the CorelDraw® library in my artwork?
Yes, for digital transfers. No, for screen printed transfers. Most of the CorelDraw® clipart is made with many process colors and shapes. These cliparts must be drastically simplified to work with our process.
Can I use any font I want from my computer in my art?
Yes, as long as all of the text created with that font is converted to curves when you send it to us.
   Converting to Curves
  To Convert Block Typefaces Using CorelDraw®: With your art ungrouped, select all the type, convert it to curves by selecting "Arrange/Convert to Curves". The keyboard shortcut is "Ctrl+Q". Note that script typestyles will need to be welded instead of converted to curves. See your user's manual for instructions.
Video tutorial on how to convert to curves in CorelDraw®
Video tutorial on how to convert to curves in Illustrator ®

To Convert Block Typefaces Using Adobe Illustrato®r:
With your art ungrouped, select all the type, convert it to curves by selecting "Type/Create Outlines". The keyboard shortcut is "Ctrl+Shift+O"
  For Script fonts you should weld the type to prevent the script from breaking apart into pieces.
 Saving files
In CorelDraw® use the Save or Save as when saving your art. In other software you may have to use the Export or Save as command to find the file type you need to save the file as.
Video tutorial on how to rename a file in windows
 Patterns and Halftones
All halftones will be set to 30 dots per inch. Halftone fades will be rebuilt in CorelDraw® using spot colors. We will try to maintain the appearance of your fades but this is not always possible. You will be notified of any necessary changes before production begins.
Note: If your art has halftone fades and you want them as is, your art will have to be produced as digitaltransfers.
Bitmaps and Jpegs
All bitmaps, jpegs, tiffs, and gifs are pixel based. This means they are made up a hundreds of dots(pixels) to make the image. We can only output pixel based images as Digital Transfers. To use bitmaps for screen printed transfers we redraw from what you send and create vector art(shapes) that we can output for our process.
TIP: If you have very clean black and white line art you can scan it at 600 dpi, save it as a tiff and trace it into a vector using CorelTrace if you own CorelDraw. CorelTrace comes with CorelDraw. Another common tracing program is Adobe Streamline. Tracing DOES NOT work on full color bitmaps only trace black and white line art with no shading in it.
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